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    “It really feels like the team at The Missing Link is a part of my company. They are truly motivated to help my business succeed. It is not uncommon to receive recommendations from them on things that can help our company that are unrelated to a service they provide. I have never seen an agency make a recommendation for products or services that they do not offer.”

    Nicole Inouye, Senegence


    “We worked with The Missing Link (TML) on kick-starting our website’s SEO efforts. As a startup we were working with aggressive timelines and budgets. TML was able to create a proposal that best met our needs and was able to deliver excellent results. They took the time to understand our business so that the SEO strategy could be built to help us achieve our overall business objectives rather than simply increasing organic traffic to our website. Scott, TML’s CEO, was great at keeping us apprised on the project status with regular check-in calls. At the end of the engagement we walked away with a website that was optimized for the keywords we were focusing on and also a list of recommendations for future content that would further enhance our site’s visibility in search results. TML’s approach and execution made them a true partner for our business as opposed to just another vendor.”

    –Rohan Kulkarni, BizBulwark

    Current agency models are broken. We’ve figured out how to fix them.

    Agency life is crazy—and it comes at the expense of the clients. Many agencies focus their energy on retaining and upselling ‘accounts,’ rather than partnering with companies and helping them grow.

    The Missing Link is a new kind of agency—one designed from the ground up to drive ROI for you, the client.

    How The Missing Link becomes an extension of your team:

    Pay for results, not media spend

    Most agencies charge a commission—or % of media spend—as their fee. This means that the more money they spend, the more money they make.

    At The Missing Link, we charge a flat fee for each of our services. That means we have no incentive to spend more of your money, or to neglect our smaller accounts—only an incentive to drive better results.

    Real-time reporting for total transparency

    In order for a business and their agency to fully integrate, communication is key.

    We set up customized dashboards that report on all your most important metrics. No more waiting for a curated agency report, or sending urgent data requests—you can check in on how we’re doing any time, in real time, nights and weekends included.

    Strategies crafted by client, not channel

    Agencies often build separate strategies for each channel. As a result, their campaigns become disjointed and out of touch.

    At The Missing Link, we discuss ideas around the table, so that our SEO experts, paid search experts, social media experts, and account managers each have a say in every decision. This allows us to take advantage of the synergies between marketing channels, and to craft a powerful marketing message that remains consistent throughout your digital presence.

    Specialized to e-commerce clients

    At The Missing Link, we understand that e-commerce presents its own set of challenges. We work hard to balance your presence across major online retailers while finding ways to drive customers directly to your website.

    How The Missing Link drives revenue:


    We start our process with a call to determine target audience—including geo’s, age, gender, and more. We get a feel for what you already know, and discuss target keywords and landing pages.


    Next, we set up data tracking. We use Google Analytics and other website tools to determine exactly how website visitors are finding and interacting with your website.


    We then conduct comprehensive research to determine what audiences you should be targeting, where they are, and how they interact with brands online.

    Strategy Creation

    Using all the information from steps 1-3, we put together an action plan that integrates multiple channels into one comprehensive strategy.


    We are then ready to implement your winning marketing strategy!

    Scott Julewitz

    Meet Scott, our founder

    Scott is an experienced marketer, who has developed digital strategies for some of the world’s largest brands—among them Gillette, Swiffer, Marriott, Wayfair, Ruelala, and JPMorgan Chase.  After recreating his success across several major companies, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial dream and build an agency of his own.

    Scott chose to work with small and medium businesses because he loves helping small companies gain the recognition they deserve. As he likes to say, “The only thing better than creating something and growing it is helping others do the same.”

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