How we Increased an eCommerce Companies Facebook Ads Performance 2,800%


Early in 2019 we took over an eCommerce brand’s Facebook advertising.  At the time they were not doing much in Facebook other than organic postings.  With a strong ROI focus they wanted to keep the initial budget low and grow it as ROI was proven.


The clients product is an item that makes everyday life easier for people with disabilities.  This is a unique item that no other company can produce.  Due to the uniqueness of the item and the fact that it needs to be installed, potential customers need to be educated on how it works before purchase.

Digging into the data we noticed over 90% of website visitors would immediately go to the How it Works page.  We would then see those visitors browse through products only to then go back to the How it Works page and then bounce.

Although our client had new imagery that imagery did not demonstrate how the item worked and the performance of their ad showed that.  Based on the data we were seeing we knew video or animation was really needed to show this item in action.  Unfortunately the client did not have any strong video assets.

Our Approach

After careful digging through customers journeys on the site we presented the client with all the data showing the need for video.  This included a projected performance increase as the client is very ROI focussed.

After another week or so of the new imagery underperforming we finally got the client to agree to create a video with our input.  Finally the video was complete.  It was a ten second clip showing how the product worked in the simplest way.

We then adjusted our campaigns to focus on the video vs the images and the results were significant.


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