Paid Search

Paid search is the fastest way to give a boost to website performance by capturing potential clients searching for things related to your business.

What is Paid Search?

Paid search, or PPC, is the act of bidding on keywords on major search engines (Google, Bing etc) to show up as a top result when people search for that term.  You can tell when a result is a paid search ad, by seeing the Ad box on the left of the result, as shown on all three results in the screen shot to the left.

Paid search is auction based, meaning there is a bid for the right to show up.  Google uses what they call "ad rank" to determine the order of the ads that will show.  Ad rank is determined by multiplying a web site/pages quality score with max bid.  Quality score is the score given to the landing page an ad is being directed to based on how relevant it is to the search term being bid on.  Max bid is the amount submitted as the highest cost per click an advertiser is willing to pay.

What is Paid Search

Our Approach to Paid Search

Paid search is something that needs to be built out and optimized very strategically.  If not focussed and properly targeted paid search can drain budget without driving results.  That's why at The Missing Link we conduct extensive research to determine the best keywords to target based on relevancy, right to win, search volume and competition.  We also ensure we are targeting the right people, setting restrictions on who sees our ads to prevent any wasted spend from unqualified prospects.

When taking over existing campaigns we frequently uncover a significant amount of wasted spend. To resolve that issue and prevent it from recurring we closely monitor performance.  This involves enhancing top performing keywords, while eliminating the poor ones.  The result is greater ROI and money saved that can be funneled into other areas, such as conversion rate optimization, to drive bottom line results.

We have a variety of Paid Search offerings at various price points all designed to grow your business.

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