Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of digital marketing success.  Organic is the highest quality website traffic delivering the best conversion rates and the highest site engagement of all channels.

Our Approach to SEO

In almost all of our clients we see SEO driving the most qualified website traffic as determined by both conversion and engagement rates.  This is likely because SEO search results are natural and not paid for.  Although paid search is a very strong channel some users simply will not click on paid ads and only trust organic search results.  With the user typing in a keyword and Google listing websites as a natural fit we end up with a qualified website visitor on a website that Google recommends. 

At The Missing Link we say SEO is the foundation of digital marketing success due to the impact SEO has on other channels.  SEO can decrease the cost of paid search by improving quality scores. On the technical side it improves website speed and performance leading to a more engaged user.  In some cases with strong organic rankings clients can even reduce the amount of keywords needed in paid search, which saves budget that can be utilized elsewhere.  With our ultimate goal of driving the highest ROI for our clients we keep a strong focus on SEO.  Contact us today for an opportunities assessment.

We have a variety of SEO packages at various price points all designed to grow your business.