Video Optimization

Video Optimization is similar to SEO in that it helps to get your video in front of more people without expensive ads.  

Video Optimization Services

Videos can be an extremely valuable asset to your company's marketing efforts.  In fact, according to business insider video will represent 82% of all online traffic by 2021.  If that holds true, video will go from an asset that helps brands stand out to a required component within your marketing mix to remain competitive.

Video creation can become costly for a business.  It is important that all the money and effort put in to creating a great video results in the user seeing and interacting with that video.  That is where video optimization comes in.  It is easy to get buried on sites like YouTube and Vimeo to where your video is never seen.  However, if your video is optimized for the keywords your potential customers are searching for your video will stand out, become more visible and get a lot more views.

Not only will your video rank well on YouTube, Vimeo and other sites, it will rank well on Google.  Have you noticed Google includes more and more videos in their search results as time goes on?  That's because Google knows that video is becoming the preferred method for people to consume content.  However, creating a video is not enough in this fast growing space.  Videos need a comprehensive strategy to prioritize creation and then optimize the videos that are created.  Without this video creation can become an expensive endeavor that will not drive the desired results.

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